Delivery area:

We'd like to get your food delivered stove-hot and your drinks icy-cold. For that reason, we limit our delivery area to a 15 min drive, which covers most of the Hotels and Resorts in Myrtle Beach (76th Ave North to 29th Ave South).
Tap on the button below to see how far you are from City Pizza.

Placing an order:

Go ahead and check our Menu and Specials if you haven’t already. For your convenience, we open late, cause… who wants to go to bed hungry?
An order of $17 minimum is required for delivery, but there is “no minimum” if you call ahead and pick your order up from the store.
Call us: (843) 800-0065

Hours of Operations

Monday: 3:00PM-3:00AM
Wednesday: 3:00PM-3:00AM
Thursday: 3:00PM-3:00AM
Friday: 3:00PM-3:00AM
Sunday: 3:00PM-3:00AM

At City Pizza, we provide delicious meals that are cost-effective and remarkably convenient! We know that you work hard and our great service will make your life more comfortable. We offer:

  • Home/Residential Delivery
    Imagine any time from 2 PM – till you could have fresh and hot Pizza, wings, subs or a salad  right at your door!
  • Corporate Delivery
    We provide exceptional gourmet food for exceptional corporate teams at special rates. Call today to learn more about our corporate program. The food is amazing, the convenience is incredible and the service is outstanding!